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Impact is a niche design studio, focussed on delivering result oriented creative solutions. Whether it is a single project or a corporate marketing campaign we deliver exceptional creativity backed by years of expertise in various domains, superior technology and proprietary processes. Delivering measurable business value on time and on budget, thats our business.

For most of our clients we provide end to end solutions in branding, positioning, design, print, web, social media, video production , photography, event management, sales strategy and media planning.

For our clients big or small, we are a single point of resource to make it happen!



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What our clients say about us

Avishkar Tendle

Vikram and his team at Impact moulded and mentored Natura since its inception in 2006. They designed everything for Natura to start its functioning, from brand identity, logos to collateral. Impact has delivered superlative results over the years and we are eternally grateful for their effort in shaping Natura.

Jocky Sanderson

If it wasn’t for Foram’s hard work and talent, this film would never have been released in such a wonderfully detailed and creative way. Her team from Impact produced the 120 page booklet and packaging, plus a wonderful
e-commerce website, that I am very proud of.

Core Team Behind Impact


Vikram Mhatre

Director / Founder


Foram Pandya

Director / Founder


Priti Durgaoli

Manager / Operations


Arvind Sathe

IT / Systems Architect

 The History of Impact

  • Interactive Impact founded

    With the founders varied experience in Print media, Impact immediately gains traction in Design space.

  • L&T John Deere Animation & Comic book

    L&T John Deere wanted a rural marketing tool for the launch of their tractors in india. Impact delivered a unique story line based animation title & comic book focussing on the tractors unique capabilities and engaging a captive audience long enough to result in breakthrough sales for the company.

  • Weddinghub with EuroRSCG

    EuroRSCG on behalf of their clients engaged Impact for developing a B2C collaborative website for unique Match making market in India. Impact designed and developed WeddingHub an online Portal for brides and grooms to meet, interact and engage in the privacy of the internet. The sites phenomenal success resulted in windfall gains.

  • Chemical Weekly Database CD

    Chemical Weekly a Chemical & Pharma trade magazine wanted to develop a Database CD with adequate security so that it can't be duplicated. Impact delivered a Secure Hybrid Application CD which maintained the confidentiality of the data and yet allow a ease of use to the user.

  • Pharmachem an online collabrative workspace for the Pharma Industry

    Impact develops Pharmachem to deliver an Online Collabrative Workspace for the India Pharma Industry.

  • Designs the first Eurokids playschool in Mumbai

    Impact delivers a stunning space design & communication strategy to make Eurokids Kempskorner the most successful pre-school in mumbai.

  • New Identity for Pranjali International School

    Impact designs Pranjali's new identity & collateral which captures the imagination of parents & children alike.

  • Transforms Brand identity of Premier Automobiles Ltd.

    Premier Automobiles Ltd. (erst. PAL) commissions impact to reposition Premier's identity to showcase the diversified groups focus on vehicles, machine-tools & engineering . Impact delivers a new identity for Premier which become the face of all new vehicles & machine-tools launched by Premier. Consequently Premier engages impact as a full service advertising agency for print, ooh, radio & digital.

  • Impact designs new Identity for Natura

    Avishkar Tendle wanted a fresh identity for his new venture Natura Outdoor Education & Training solutions. Impact designs a simple but engaging identity which helps natura gain traction in a new vertical market of outdoor adventure, aerial live events & corporate training.

  • Terence Lewis gets a brand makeover

    Terence Lewis india's celebrated dancer, choreographer, teacher & bollywood celebrity required a brand identity that symbolized his true spirit for dance. Impact's designer Sahal Merchant designs the most riveting identity that showcases Terence's flamboyance, style & art in a few strokes. Impact further delivers Contraddiction the most iconic dance calendar shot by ace photographer Amit Pandirkar & Sway a quarterly dance magazine.

  • Premier RiO launched

    India's first compact SUV is launched by Premier Ltd. Impact delivers a national campaign for RiO.

  • Jocky Sanderson's Security in Flight II

    Impact works with the legendary SIV guru and one of the world’s top pilots, Jocky Sanderson, to create and deliver a stunning package design for 2 DVDs and a 180pg manual for Security in Flight II, the essential reference film for paragliding safety. Impact also works on the post production of the film and delivers it on DVD and Blue ray formats.

  • Impact completes 15 years

    Celebrating 15 years of making an Impact.



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Impact completes 15 years..

Interactive Impact is celebrating its 15th year in the design industry with the launch of its new website. Its has been an eventful journey with a very talented team and some extraordinary clients.




Security in Flight II

Security in Flight II is released..

Jocky Sanderson, one of the world's top pilots and leading SIV instructors, is back with Security in Flight II, the defining safety film on paraglider flight control.



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